Salvete, Legio X GPF z.s. salute you!

Salvete salutatores!

Legio X GPF z.s. was found in 1995 in Prague (Czech Republic). Group consist from members and friends which are interested in military and civil life and society of ancient roman empire. Main aim of Legio X GPF is to reconstruct roman army during Marcomannic wars (Secunda expeditio germanica end of second century A.D.) and fist decades of 3th century A.D. Group is regularly organizing and participating on events, festivals and education programs in Czech Republic and abroad.


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Date Event
25.5.2024 Gladius (Curia Vítkov)
15.6.2024 Starý Plzenec
29.6.2024 Zliv
26-27.7.2024 Lughnasad
16.-18.8.2024 Salve Abusina (DE)
16.-18.8.2024 Carnuntum Festival der Spätantike (AT)
30-31.8.2024 Germania Subacta
září nebo říjen 2024 Tažení
listopad 2024 sv. Martin v Liboci


Are you interested in Legio X GPF? Have you some questions? Contact our centurion:

Petr Škorpík
mob: +420 736112152